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a comic for my story Paint the Town Edd

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reverse!edd and reverse!kevin

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Jaw Breakers

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Two journals that I am selling! The pictures shown are the front and back covers. Inside is blank, of course, so if you want them both (or just one, but I know you want them both) fill it with fanfiction or just write “I love Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins/Jared Padalecki/Felicia Day/Alex Kingston/Matt Smith/David Tennant” over and over and over again like the creeper I know you are!

I only have two, so first come first serve!

You can buy them here!

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so i have decided to do commissions! i know i still have my “13 little dwarves" project running, and i will still be doing that, but right now i am in a tough spot with money. i can’t sell my tarot cards because, as i said before, money is a little tight, and i would need money to do so. 

i can however, make some kick ass art for anyone who wants it!

i would really appreciate it guys and gals! i am in a real tough spot right now, and i’d love to make the art for you guys! shoot me an ask if you are interested and i will give you my paypal information! thank you thank you!

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A drawing of Ethan and I in the Ed, Edd n Eddy style.

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my oc, estella. she has no last name at the moment.

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my 100th follower on my personal blog gets a drawing of their choosing. just letting people know. i have 1 more follower to go, soooooo……. you know. i will message you to tell you if you are my 100th follower :)

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followers (or anyone who wants to) help me. give me a theme to a fandom, any fandom. i’ve already got the tardis and objects in supernatural, so preferably not supernatural or doctor who.

if y’all could give me some input in my ask box, i will draw something for whoever’s idea i pick. you tell me what you want me to draw, and if i think i can do it, i will. (if i don’t think i can draw what you originally ask for, don’t worry, just request something else and we will go from there).

i just really need help for something i am working on and i would be very, very grateful if you guys could help me.

Help me guys!

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drawing the tardis is fun

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I am a little short on money at the moment, but I have decided to just keep the tarot cards as is and make prints of them to sell. I was going to do them digitally but it isn’t working out. Personally I feel that with certain things I excel with traditional art. HOWEVER, I am working on the next extension, plus two to complete the first set!

I am talking to a few people about how I can and where I can get them printed. Once that is done, I will post them on Etsy and then I will put the link on tumblr (on the actual tarot card post), so in the mean time make sure to check my blog every so often.

Thank you so much, sweeties!

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destiel au + lana del rey lyrics

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my tarot cards reached 10,000 notes and that really weirds me out.

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i recently quit my job, so i will be starting working on the tarot cards again! i just thought i would let you all know.

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